Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Return ITS TIME

The Return So here it is after tears and years of hard work pushing it to the limit I find myself with the RETURN back to Florence Italy to Re-establish Myself... Not exactly a course I would recommend for the weary where you roll up your sleeves and do what you have to in order to pay for a house, but the sacrifices were many and now well worth it. It seems my life runs in cycles of fourteens 84-98 were formative years in Italy,then 99-2014 NYC Sleeves up, now 2014 onwards,. certainly bearing fruit from the last 2 cycles and new challenges Its Time. Leads me to quotes which assisted me throughout, Its not what knocks you down its how you get up. Il gioco vale la candela the game is worth the candle you gotta do what you gotta do. Bloom where your planted Thank You Nicole my daughter who dealt with a period of being grown up by her grandparents for we didn't want to uproot her with a move to the USA in her teens Love you for growing up fast and developing into a wonderful person full of positive sensations and responsibility add the joy that you bring to others you are a special remarkable person who at times where it was hard for you, still pulled us uphill withstanding so much. You spent alot of time without us these next periods I promise to dedicate to you. Its Time My wife who through everything always knew what she was doing and who holds this dream come true of a family unified ., i know i was here and there at times but never lost the vision and share the same dream.....my intentions were always to make our situation better. you bring us all together you hold us all together you taught me so much and now its time for this return. My NYC family who loves as they can and put up with alot of my here and theres but basically understood my two countries and lives and gave me opportunity to sort it out. Not easy for anyone but the family base was never in question and even if sometimes the goal seemed impossible or I was unclear you still knew and guided me to doing the right thing. The Seido Italian DOJO wow amazing what you've accomplished kudos for taking the message and expanding the ripples in the community..Italians of beautiful warm characters coupled with great training and skills so happy you planted the Seido Flag ,i'm here to assist and expand and support all the hard work you've done throughout my absence now this grappa is for you. Its TIme for togetherness and Unity Gassho much appreciation. Our Seido FAmily NYC KAicho and Nidaime thank you for the opportunities to search myself and grow, your constant patience and support truly inspired me and reassured me that we are truly a beautiful family with a Universal message so beneficial to all...Thank you Seido Family Its not about me its about me for others. Its time to re-connect re-establish and find myself again . I feel who I am here, I feel the Love where I left from, and I welcome the love here and the new journey actually picking up where I left off. Onward to new CHoSen Challenges with all the best support . Bring It on OSu Vincent

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