Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dream Visitation for the New Year Message

2014 KAGAMI BIRAKI NEW YEARS CELEBRATION It came to me in a dream, the night before our annual New Year Celebration in our dojo in Florence Italy. Perfectly in time and perfect in its meaning for myself and the leadership direction for our dojo students. As I sat there at 5:00 in the morning just collecting myself with a quick coffee before I headed down the dojo to lead the Kagami Biraki Celebration, I felt the message. More than a dream from which i just awoke I understood it as a spiritual visitation for 2014's objectives. Observe Calmly: Often I am highly energetic, a storm that passes and picks up and wipes out whatever stands in its way. That was however, a younger version of myself and lately people have been telling me that they find me calm and patient within this return and challenge of starting again here in Italy. I've had the pioneering great ideas but headed fast forward till I hit a wall and was forced to reconsider and calculate. Upon my return I am facing many challenges in my own personal life with finding work, living with two elderly in-laws tired and out of it in many ways., a dojo that needs direction and strength for future growth . Each of these areas require calm observance in order to obtain any vision or strategy to move onward and operate within each of these dynamics. Lose yourself only to be re-found- as I am observing calmly , Im feeling life , Im feeling people, situations and many times I feel lost, not sure, simply lost without any exact answer. Within myself however, I know through calm observance and living within the lostness there lies the opportunity for rebirth the finding of yourself. So I live within the being lost knowingly and sensitive to the opportunity that is coming I feel it and manifest it through calm observance knowing I will be lost re-find myself. Celebrate others. So busy ,so much to do we do not take time to think about any other person other than ourselves it seems, I gotta , I cant, I have to go, I have to be . Yet, in front of our eyes and together with us are other people with the same I this , I that and we should take the time to communicate and celebrate them. Celebrate them means say hello use their first name if they are new to you, listen to them, surprise them with a coffee or candy simply share a acknowledgment of we are humans. Provide laughter,provide togetherness in the beauty of we are the same.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Return ITS TIME

The Return So here it is after tears and years of hard work pushing it to the limit I find myself with the RETURN back to Florence Italy to Re-establish Myself... Not exactly a course I would recommend for the weary where you roll up your sleeves and do what you have to in order to pay for a house, but the sacrifices were many and now well worth it. It seems my life runs in cycles of fourteens 84-98 were formative years in Italy,then 99-2014 NYC Sleeves up, now 2014 onwards,. certainly bearing fruit from the last 2 cycles and new challenges Its Time. Leads me to quotes which assisted me throughout, Its not what knocks you down its how you get up. Il gioco vale la candela the game is worth the candle you gotta do what you gotta do. Bloom where your planted Thank You Nicole my daughter who dealt with a period of being grown up by her grandparents for we didn't want to uproot her with a move to the USA in her teens Love you for growing up fast and developing into a wonderful person full of positive sensations and responsibility add the joy that you bring to others you are a special remarkable person who at times where it was hard for you, still pulled us uphill withstanding so much. You spent alot of time without us these next periods I promise to dedicate to you. Its Time My wife who through everything always knew what she was doing and who holds this dream come true of a family unified ., i know i was here and there at times but never lost the vision and share the same intentions were always to make our situation better. you bring us all together you hold us all together you taught me so much and now its time for this return. My NYC family who loves as they can and put up with alot of my here and theres but basically understood my two countries and lives and gave me opportunity to sort it out. Not easy for anyone but the family base was never in question and even if sometimes the goal seemed impossible or I was unclear you still knew and guided me to doing the right thing. The Seido Italian DOJO wow amazing what you've accomplished kudos for taking the message and expanding the ripples in the community..Italians of beautiful warm characters coupled with great training and skills so happy you planted the Seido Flag ,i'm here to assist and expand and support all the hard work you've done throughout my absence now this grappa is for you. Its TIme for togetherness and Unity Gassho much appreciation. Our Seido FAmily NYC KAicho and Nidaime thank you for the opportunities to search myself and grow, your constant patience and support truly inspired me and reassured me that we are truly a beautiful family with a Universal message so beneficial to all...Thank you Seido Family Its not about me its about me for others. Its time to re-connect re-establish and find myself again . I feel who I am here, I feel the Love where I left from, and I welcome the love here and the new journey actually picking up where I left off. Onward to new CHoSen Challenges with all the best support . Bring It on OSu Vincent

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Delivering Art

Time and time again, I have decided to pull out my guitar write some music, enter some audition and Pipe dream as my friends say. Some expressions can basically offset this like" you gotta be in it to win it," "put it out there" "another iron in the fire". There is truly something to be said about the decision process and journey, more so then the destination or final result of delivering your art. Most important is the excercise itself and dedication to the decision yeah yeah we all want to win and sometimes you just wanna say ###%$#@ k me, when it does not pan out. Then you pass through all the anxieties of why it didnt come to fruition why i didnt make the final result again f u ^%$%# k me. We must spare ourselves this pain through understanding that while we may have not obtained the dream results, our decision discipline diligence and dedication to deliver art truly makes us winners. We have trained our spirit to believe, we have sent a vibration to the universe which strangely bounces back at us with something, this is where we win. My latest attempt was relative to a Baseball Reality show MLB FANCAVE, where I created a video , wrote an essay and tried to make the first round or top 50 videos. All of this, everything was done on my smartphone filming editing and distribution . I became a twitter tumbler instagram Social Media savvy. My energy was flying I felt great everyone who came in contact with me was reeling in my positive energy I created a vaccum of buzzing happiness. No doubt, alot of the people whom I came in contact with were vibing and feeding off this . Everything around me was pointing to successful results serendipity had me bumping into people who for some reason were appearing and involved in some aspect with baseball. My favorite songs were on the work radio, my favorite positive numbers combinations I was noticing on license plates, cable boxes and kitchen clocks everything seemed vibing great. Catching the bus was perfect, my favorite soup was at the diner it just seemed that all was meant to be and all was, but not as an anticipation of a Yes you made it but more as a confirmation of just being in a positive state existing and living in a happy appreciative way with gratitude. Then came the final 50 selection and I was not there, ok I headed down the depressing staircase to the bathroom to hang my head once again in defeat, to say my @#$%k ks but somehow i could not sink for more then 2 minutes for the exercise of delivering my art taught me so much. I was energized I learned how to use Social Media and make films and edit with unfamiliar technology, i created positive sensations through out my daily existence and that seeped into others with whom I came into contact with. Avoid the anxiety's of the why not? and how comes? bathe in the things you learned the spirit you created. Persevere and remember its meant to be. I was asked afterwards to manage a blogspot for a friends sport blog Twitter account who saw my video and we became friends again and reestablished ourselves what i am saying alot comes out of it disguised at times or unknown to us and different from our initial desired result but strange enough something else opens. Deliver your art , this is the exercise strictly adhere to this and watch the universe unfold. Enjoy the process its the journey that counts not the destination which in one way or another turns out wonderful. Vincent

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Universe sent and Connected

I know I have two countries where my soul resides , I am sure I brought this foward from a past Life., much like my experience with guitar playing and songwriting.
I know Ive been there and I know I am going there with proof through several dreams filled with wonderful melodies and stage performances that are just too real to not recognize the Universe Connection.

We find ourselves meeting with people and in places that although we never been,
we strangely know we have been., these are the connections sent through the
Universe for us to access our intuitive mind and move along on our paths.
Its that full rich right feeling, calm and much more than coincidence.

It leaves us wondering about the message, what is it ? whats it mean, why is it reoccuring ?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its the way we look at things

Change the way we look at things and the things we look at change.

Often we are caught in the thoughts and expectations of doing this or that, something that with which we dread or fear something that we deem difficult impossible fatiguing, we find excuses we procrastinate we cancel, we spend so much energy in the negative thoughts of the task that we become unmotivated, defeated, torn, stressed but in reality , their is an opportunity in everything we look at.
By welcoming what is presented to us we change and strengthen our spirit and character
creating a universal flow with wonderful blessings because of the way we approach it.
All of sudden that wasn't so bad, we progress to appreciation, we learn something ,we meet someone, we feel good about ourselves, we get a new idea and for sure arrive ready and inspired for our next opportunity.

Lose the tug of war attitude and find a new way to look at it and the opportunity.

Attitude Exercises:

* Say hello to everyone and thank you no matter what
* Open your eyes to the bundles of beauty around you in everything
* Make someone comfortable by using their first name
* Visualize something positive to you during hard times and situations
* See yourself in others and turn the eye inward
* Have constant gratitude and appreciation
* Cultivate a fighting continuing Spirit
* Be completely Present- yesterday is History tomorrow is Mystery
* Generosity makes you rich immensely
* Give without recognition or desire for reciprocity