Saturday, August 28, 2010

Universe sent and Connected

I know I have two countries where my soul resides , I am sure I brought this foward from a past Life., much like my experience with guitar playing and songwriting.
I know Ive been there and I know I am going there with proof through several dreams filled with wonderful melodies and stage performances that are just too real to not recognize the Universe Connection.

We find ourselves meeting with people and in places that although we never been,
we strangely know we have been., these are the connections sent through the
Universe for us to access our intuitive mind and move along on our paths.
Its that full rich right feeling, calm and much more than coincidence.

It leaves us wondering about the message, what is it ? whats it mean, why is it reoccuring ?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its the way we look at things

Change the way we look at things and the things we look at change.

Often we are caught in the thoughts and expectations of doing this or that, something that with which we dread or fear something that we deem difficult impossible fatiguing, we find excuses we procrastinate we cancel, we spend so much energy in the negative thoughts of the task that we become unmotivated, defeated, torn, stressed but in reality , their is an opportunity in everything we look at.
By welcoming what is presented to us we change and strengthen our spirit and character
creating a universal flow with wonderful blessings because of the way we approach it.
All of sudden that wasn't so bad, we progress to appreciation, we learn something ,we meet someone, we feel good about ourselves, we get a new idea and for sure arrive ready and inspired for our next opportunity.

Lose the tug of war attitude and find a new way to look at it and the opportunity.

Attitude Exercises:

* Say hello to everyone and thank you no matter what
* Open your eyes to the bundles of beauty around you in everything
* Make someone comfortable by using their first name
* Visualize something positive to you during hard times and situations
* See yourself in others and turn the eye inward
* Have constant gratitude and appreciation
* Cultivate a fighting continuing Spirit
* Be completely Present- yesterday is History tomorrow is Mystery
* Generosity makes you rich immensely
* Give without recognition or desire for reciprocity