Sunday, December 15, 2013

Delivering Art

Time and time again, I have decided to pull out my guitar write some music, enter some audition and Pipe dream as my friends say. Some expressions can basically offset this like" you gotta be in it to win it," "put it out there" "another iron in the fire". There is truly something to be said about the decision process and journey, more so then the destination or final result of delivering your art. Most important is the excercise itself and dedication to the decision yeah yeah we all want to win and sometimes you just wanna say ###%$#@ k me, when it does not pan out. Then you pass through all the anxieties of why it didnt come to fruition why i didnt make the final result again f u ^%$%# k me. We must spare ourselves this pain through understanding that while we may have not obtained the dream results, our decision discipline diligence and dedication to deliver art truly makes us winners. We have trained our spirit to believe, we have sent a vibration to the universe which strangely bounces back at us with something, this is where we win. My latest attempt was relative to a Baseball Reality show MLB FANCAVE, where I created a video , wrote an essay and tried to make the first round or top 50 videos. All of this, everything was done on my smartphone filming editing and distribution . I became a twitter tumbler instagram Social Media savvy. My energy was flying I felt great everyone who came in contact with me was reeling in my positive energy I created a vaccum of buzzing happiness. No doubt, alot of the people whom I came in contact with were vibing and feeding off this . Everything around me was pointing to successful results serendipity had me bumping into people who for some reason were appearing and involved in some aspect with baseball. My favorite songs were on the work radio, my favorite positive numbers combinations I was noticing on license plates, cable boxes and kitchen clocks everything seemed vibing great. Catching the bus was perfect, my favorite soup was at the diner it just seemed that all was meant to be and all was, but not as an anticipation of a Yes you made it but more as a confirmation of just being in a positive state existing and living in a happy appreciative way with gratitude. Then came the final 50 selection and I was not there, ok I headed down the depressing staircase to the bathroom to hang my head once again in defeat, to say my @#$%k ks but somehow i could not sink for more then 2 minutes for the exercise of delivering my art taught me so much. I was energized I learned how to use Social Media and make films and edit with unfamiliar technology, i created positive sensations through out my daily existence and that seeped into others with whom I came into contact with. Avoid the anxiety's of the why not? and how comes? bathe in the things you learned the spirit you created. Persevere and remember its meant to be. I was asked afterwards to manage a blogspot for a friends sport blog Twitter account who saw my video and we became friends again and reestablished ourselves what i am saying alot comes out of it disguised at times or unknown to us and different from our initial desired result but strange enough something else opens. Deliver your art , this is the exercise strictly adhere to this and watch the universe unfold. Enjoy the process its the journey that counts not the destination which in one way or another turns out wonderful. Vincent

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