Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dream Visitation for the New Year Message

2014 KAGAMI BIRAKI NEW YEARS CELEBRATION It came to me in a dream, the night before our annual New Year Celebration in our dojo in Florence Italy. Perfectly in time and perfect in its meaning for myself and the leadership direction for our dojo students. As I sat there at 5:00 in the morning just collecting myself with a quick coffee before I headed down the dojo to lead the Kagami Biraki Celebration, I felt the message. More than a dream from which i just awoke I understood it as a spiritual visitation for 2014's objectives. Observe Calmly: Often I am highly energetic, a storm that passes and picks up and wipes out whatever stands in its way. That was however, a younger version of myself and lately people have been telling me that they find me calm and patient within this return and challenge of starting again here in Italy. I've had the pioneering great ideas but headed fast forward till I hit a wall and was forced to reconsider and calculate. Upon my return I am facing many challenges in my own personal life with finding work, living with two elderly in-laws tired and out of it in many ways., a dojo that needs direction and strength for future growth . Each of these areas require calm observance in order to obtain any vision or strategy to move onward and operate within each of these dynamics. Lose yourself only to be re-found- as I am observing calmly , Im feeling life , Im feeling people, situations and many times I feel lost, not sure, simply lost without any exact answer. Within myself however, I know through calm observance and living within the lostness there lies the opportunity for rebirth the finding of yourself. So I live within the being lost knowingly and sensitive to the opportunity that is coming I feel it and manifest it through calm observance knowing I will be lost re-find myself. Celebrate others. So busy ,so much to do we do not take time to think about any other person other than ourselves it seems, I gotta , I cant, I have to go, I have to be . Yet, in front of our eyes and together with us are other people with the same I this , I that and we should take the time to communicate and celebrate them. Celebrate them means say hello use their first name if they are new to you, listen to them, surprise them with a coffee or candy simply share a acknowledgment of we are humans. Provide laughter,provide togetherness in the beauty of we are the same.